2024 Vermont Labor Law Poster – Digital


  • Digital poster for remote employees
  • State and federal – all in one digital file
  • Contains multiple pages. One law per page
  • Includes Compliance Coverage Plan*

This option allows to download up to date mandatory postings as a single PDF file and avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple websites where broken links and outdated information is not uncommon.
*Every time changes occur in state or federal labor law within the coverage period, an updated PDF will be available to download (if option below selected)
Avoid Employment Law Disputes.
Electronic poster is not a substitute for standard work environment


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Updated automatically any time mandatory change take a place if option selected
Includes: Federal (English, Spanish) and State (Eglish, Spanish if available) Mandatory Labor Laws Postings

Posters Required by Vermont State Law:

  • Earned Sick Time Poster
  • Earned Sick Time Poster in Spanish
  • Employers Liability and Workers Compensation
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  • Employers Reinstatement Liability Poster
  • Child Labor Law Posters
  • Accommodations for Pregnant Employees
  • Family Leave Poster
  • Healthcare Whistleblower?s Protection Act
  • Minimum Wage Poster
  • Sexual Harassment is Illegal
  • VOSHA Health and Safety Protection on the Job Poster
  • Unemployment Insurance Poster
  • Posting of Safety Records
  • Federal Posters
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Effective 01/01/24
$13.67 per hour


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