2024 California Labor Law Poster


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  • State and Federal All in One
  • Includes Compliance Coverage Plan*
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Ensure that your business is compliant with California labor law posters regulations in 2024. *Every time changes occur in state or federal labor law within the coverage period, Corporate Labor Law Posters ship an updated poster or sticker (based on your selection).


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If you’re looking for 2024 California labor law posters, look no further. Corporate Labor Law Posters provide the most up-to-date labor law posters to comply with all regulations.
What posters are required in California by the Department of Industrial Relations?

    • Notice of Inspection by Immigration Agencies – All employers
    • Wage orders – All employers
    • California Minimum Wage – All employers
    • California Paid Sick Leave Poster – All employers
    • California Payday Notice – All employers
    • Safety and health protection on the job – All employers
    • Emergency phone numbers – All employers
    • Notice to employees-injuries caused by work – All employers
    • Notice of workers’ compensation carrier and coverage – All employers
    • Whistleblower protections – All employers
    • No smoking – All employers
    • California law prohibits workplace discrimination & harassment – All employers
    • Transgender Rights in the Workplace – All employers
    • Pregnancy disability leave – Employers of five to 49 employees
    • Notice to employees: unemployment insurance – All employers
    • Notice to employees: unemployment insurance benefits – All employers
    • Notice to employees: time off to vote – All employers
    • Human Trafficking Farm Labor Contractors
    • Log and summary of occupational injuries and illnesses – Employers with 11 or more employees
    • Farm labor contractor statement of pay rates – Licensed Farm labor contractors
    • Required Workplace Posting for All California Barbering and Cosmetology Licensees
    • Prevailing wage rate determinations – Public works awarding bodies and contractors
    • Federal Labor Law Posters

More about California Mandatory Labor law Posters
Do I have to replace postings every year?
You only need to replace a posting when its content changes. The exception is the Minimum wage posters, which are updated annually.
Learn about California’s labor law poster requirements and how to stay compliant with the latest regulations. Get expert advice on what posters to display and where to display them.

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Recent Updates

California’s Minimum Wage to Increase to $16 per hour in January 2024
California Paid Sick Leave Effective January 1, 2024

01/2023 California Minimum Wage $15.50
California Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave
California Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
California Discrimination & Harassment

3 reviews for 2024 California Labor Law Poster

  1. WD sign

    Met all expectation. Minimum wage up to date, neatly laminated

  2. MaNU

    Keeps my company check with the law! A bit bigger then I thought…

  3. Diane Gal

    Perfect space saver. I work in HR and this is an accurate compliance poster.

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