Any business that has at least one employee must display current state and federal labor law posters in a common area for its employees to view. Unfortunately, keeping up with this is much more complicated than it sounds. Labor laws in California change constantly. So, if you are the person at your company in charge of keeping them up-to-date, this can be an ongoing battle. Sure, you could just print FREE POSTERS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD when the laws change, but how often do you keep up with these changes?  Because if you don’t stay in compliance, your company can be fined some hefty fees. Plus, every time you print new ones, you’ll need to laminate them to prevent damage or visibility issues (which could also result in fines).

The 2023 California Labor Law Poster includes One year of unlimited labor law updates and is an easier way to display all in one labor law posters and meet all the federal and state regulations. Just imagine, one 24” x 40” laminated workplace poster that includes all the mandatory postings as required by the California Department of Industrial Relations. This all-in-one poster for labor laws includes everything you need to display, plus it’s available in both English and Spanish. 

You will have peace of mind knowing your company is in compliance for the period of your annual subscription. How is this possible? Because we will send you an updated poster or decals to cover old information (based on your selection) anytime there is a change in the labor laws for the duration of your coverage period. This is not something that you have to request from us. The decals/poster will simply arrive at your workplace prior to the date the new laws go into effect so that you are ready to go when they do change. 

Our protection plan provides you with year-round coverage of labor law changes and outstanding customer support. Just contact us if you have any concerns or questions about your labor law posters or your protection plan.